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Questions That Actually Make Our Interviewees Think

We Got Tired of the Same Repetitious, Boring and Mind Numbing Interviews

Edward Ka- Spel

Henry Rollins

Al Jourgensen

alan jourgensen interview

earX:  what has given you the most pleasure over the past year?


hr:  Watching Iggy and the Stooges play five times in Australia in January.


earX:   if you could time travel; where, when and why would you go?


hr:  60's. New York City. Check out the music and people like Lenny Bruce.


earX:   if your home were afire, what would you grab on the way out the door?


hr:  A few photos of Ian MacKay and myself and a few singles. The rest would be missed but it's just stuff.


earX:   what would be the ultimate rollins band line up if you could choose any performer, living or dead?


hr:  I like the line-up I play with now which is the Weight album line-up.


earX:   when is the last time you’ve been humbled and why?


hr:  I'm always humbled when I am around the Military on USO tours. Also when I visit the injured soldiers at the Army and Navy hospitals.


earX:   What show is the first to come to your mind when asked:  best, worst and dream place to play or have played?


hr:  Best, don't know, done too many. worst was probably Vienna Austria 1983, police riot, a lot of people hurt, dream place is the Fillmore. It's a great venue.


earX:   what was it like working with david lynch and what is your two favorite flicks by him?


hr:  Lynch is really cool. Very good with actors. He's out there in a really good way. favorites: Straight Story, Blue Velvet.


earX:   you’re sentenced to death; what’s your last meal and words?


hr:  Pizza. Diet coke. "I'm ready."


earX:   should prozac be added to the water system?


hr:  No.


earX:   who’s scarier; god or satan?


hr:  Dick Cheney


earX:   if it rained henry rollins, what would grow?


hr:  Schools.


earX:   what would you choose to be reincarnated as if you could?


hr:  My corpse.


earX:   give me your top five on any subject that comes to mind.


hr:  The Buzzcocks, The Fall, The Damned, The UK Subs, Unrest: Bands I can listen to any time.


earX:   if you had to lose one of your senses, which and why?


hr:  Smell. I could still get my work done with all the rest of them and that's the only thing that's important to me.


earX:  bin laden grants you an interview, what’s the first words out of your mouth to him? 


hr:  What can we do so we can all get along on this planet at the same time?

earX:   where would you choose to go if you could time travel...


aj:  i’d probably go to the future.  i’m a history major and i already know the  past.  let’s bring on the future.  i don’t think archives the future cause it’s

gonna be here soon enough.  but this way it will put me way ahead to see what the hell is going on.



earX:   what would be your ‘last meal’ and ‘last words’...


aj:  my last meal would most definitely be a hot dog from yankee stadium.  there is nothing better than a hot dog at yankee stadium in the fall that you know  has been roasting all year.  as for my last words, “fuckin’ texas judicial system!”



earX:   what was your first recorded purchase...


aj:  december’s children by the rolling stones



earX:   what was your favorite toy as a child...


aj:  a g.i. joe with the fuzzy velcro beard. AMERICA!!!  FREEDOM!!!



earX:   if you could star in any sport...


aj:  i’d be the n.y. yankees closer



earX:   if you could live in a cartoon world...


aj:  jessica rabbit cause she fuckin’ rocks!!!



earX:   if you could step in the shoes of any person living or dead...


aj:  i’d like to get into fuckin’ george w.’s just to see why the fucker is so

     bizarre.  i wanna see what’s inside that guys head, even though its probably




earX:   what would you choose to be reincarnated as...


aj:  well, i’ve spent twenty years as a heroin addict so i’ve already been a vegetable.  i’d say the most pampered animal on the earth;  a presidential dog.  those fuckers have their own dressing rooms.



earX:   ginger or mary anne...


aj:  fuck mary ann.  ginger fuckin’ rules



earX:   munsters or addams family......


aj:  addams family.  morticia kicks ass.



earX:   if you cold have played in a 60’s band...


aj:  mc5 or blue cheer



earX:   ...a 70’s band...


aj:  zeppelin would have been nice.  but jimmy page already did what i want to do.  zeppelin is a huge influence…



earX:   what is your favorite side project...


aj:  probably lard cause jello is a true american icon and a FREAK with a capitol ‘R’.  there is always room for jello and there is no better spokesperson for music as far as i’m concerned.



earX:   name your favorite songs from the following bands...


aj:  -ministry

          aj:  filth pig and the fall.  there is a song called shove that’s archives

               exercising personal demons.  there is a little bit of ian curtis in

               there.  the ghost of ian came down...

     -revolting cocks

          aj:  crackin’ up and no devotion


          aj:  don’t stand in line


          aj:  EVERYTHING!!!

earX:  what was your favorite toy as a child...


ek-s:  a miniature london bus



earX:  who is more powerful...god or satan...


ek-s:  the grey nameless...shapeless...blob in the middle



earX:  if you could walk in the shoes of anyone living or deceased for a day...who and why...


ek-s: i wouldn’t want to change shoes with anybody


earX:  where would you choose to go if you could time travel...


ek-s: 100 years forward because i want to see if the pictures in my head are accurate.  they are not as depressing as some may think.



earX:  what would be your ‘last meal’ and ‘last words’...


ek-s:  SHIT! i told them not to put any bacon in my burrito.



earX:  if you could paly in any other band...past or present...which and why?


ek-s:  here are no other bands that i would want to be a part of...past or present.



earX:  what was your first recorded purchase...


ek-s:  be my baby by the ronettes


earX:  what would you choose to be reincarnated as...


ek-s: a human being with a little more influence



earX:  if you had to lose one of your senses...which and why...


ek-s:  smell.  because the bad odors out number the good odors...massively



earX:  what do you find scarier...love or anger...


ek-s:  love and anger are connected at the hip in my experiences.  perhaps loving  someone grants a license to explode at that person.  perhaps it shouldn’t   be that way.  i’m an englishman...anger terrifies me



earX:  three people you’d most like to meet...


ek-s:  david bowie - because of what he meant to me growing up george w. bush - to try and understand why and how?  i confess...i find                  5-headed signs from venus more relatable kim basinger - because of those sad soulful eyes



earX:  name three of your favorite legendary pink dots songs and what makes them  your favorites...



  - ‘a triple moon salute’ - because it came closest to the sound i had in my head when writing it

  - ‘lisa’s seperation’ - because it’s so sad ‘the way i feel today’ - because it was how i felt that day


earX:  most reoccurring nightmare or dream...


ek-s:  a pair of scissors trying to cut a piece of string but never quite severing it



earX:  what influenced the following three legendary pink dots songs...


     - ‘the grain kings’

          ek-s:  the need for ritual in order to connect with the rest of humanity

     - ‘voices’

          ek-s:  i wrote this when i was 12 and find it embarrassing lyrically these days.  even so...i was troubled by voices in my head at that time

     - ‘lent’

          ek-s:  miserable people who are not prepared to do anything for themselves



earX:  if you were to be stranded on a desert island with only one item...what would it be...


ek-s:  a photo



earX:  how would you describe the legendary pink dots to a deaf person without sign language...


ek-s:  i would make strange signs and wave my arms around hopelessly

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