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Itís free you cheap bastard

henry rollins - ďif it rained me, schools would grow.Ē

Schools are #1




Red Rocks Doesnít

Text Box: Ann Landers Rolls Over In Grave as Intergalactic Killers GWAR Give Advice

Morrison, CO - The place to be on 8/12 was Red Rocks.† The brilliantly sick minds of† PRIMUS were back and from previous set lists from earlier shows, you didnít want to miss it!

Text Box: Once known as the most dangerous band in the universe, intergalactic killers GWAR are now the Dear Abby of today.  Time to get your shit straight with a little guidance from the scumdogs of the universe.  
Text Box: A Legendary
Pink Dot
Text Box: Chicks on Wheels
Bring Out the   
 Sex and Violence
Text Box: Ministry wants you to connect the god damn dots.  The Cure wants you to join the dots.  We wanted to hear from a dot.  Edward Ka-Spel spills his dots.  Get in the head of Ed.  
Text Box: When is a Punk Band Not a Punk Band?
Text Box: After being told I was going to see a punk band and only witnessing a pop band wishing they were punk, I thought Iíd put together a list of rules to finally determine whoís punk and whoís punk puke.  Page 2.
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Text Box: Itís sexy.  Itís aggressive.  Itís violent.  What else do you need to know?  Itís time to check out your local roller derby and have more fun than you can even imagine.
Text Box: White Trash Slob is Actually Hilarious Comedic Genius
Text Box: After 20 years in the business, comedian Louis CK is still trying to make a name for himself.  But if youíve seen his stand up or his short run show on HBO, youíve no idea why this bum isnít up there with the likes of Chris Rock.  Then again, look at this sorry mother fucker.
Text Box: Social Distortion on Non-Stop Tour Since 1978
Text Box: So maybe it hasnít been non-stop since then, but it sure seems like it.  See if Social D is coming to your town.